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* 2007 * Webman's Diary * [ "under construction" -- remember? ]
Definition of “webmaster” found on an internet search engine: “A person or group of people responsible for the design, implementation, management, and maintenance of a web site.“ [description of CEO?]
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Do you know how everything grows? It splits in two, and the two splits in two again, and so on. So, Anatoly-webmasters splits in two -- webmaker and businessman.

Let me try a new trick -- webmaker.txt.

All right, it works, it opens a new window the same as "html" files. But this is not the point, the point is that me-webmaster lost more control over the webpages! Not only this Anatoly-writer, who would type his nonsense without any regard for the webpages look, now there is a new guy here, the boss. Yes, this is how he behaves. He too acts as if he the one to tell me, who built everything from nothing, what I must do and what I can't do.

He said that I do not know the business. The Net business. He humiliated me. He so rude. Do you know what he said? "You are working for three years, right?" "Right," I said. "How much do you make?" "What do you mean?" I said. "How much money does your site make?" I hate such people!

So, we are not into money! And the writer nodded. We are above it! We are...

"Are you done?" He asked.

I guess, I am.

Don't email me anymore, call him, the boss.

Who give him this right to fire and hire?

You know what else he said? "You will love you. You will be paid from now on."

Well, I don't mind it, I mean, being paid. This is why he is a boss and I am not.

I can't say that our webpages are "under new management" -- because we had no management fore.


webBIO: 3 years (2002).

Two years of web-building experience, but not web-business.

Two decades of teaching theatre and film.

Writing "non-profit" full time.


"Webmaster" is a new profession and we know very little about it.


How to be smart? "Street smart" -- smart in this new cyber space, whihc is very public. I don't have the time for studing webbing, I have to get it the way I learned English -- on the cyber street.

Personal Politics Liberty is always unfinished business. --anonymous
* Even having links pointing back to your site can be enough to attract the search engine robots. Google, for example, suggests that you may not have to submit your pages; they will find your site if you have a link pointing back to it from at least one other site on the web.
* Having a website full of good content is the major factor. Search engines exist to serve their visitors, not to rank your website. You need to be sure to present yourself in your site in the way that will be most useful to the search engine visitor. Each search engine has its own idea of what is important in a page, but they all value text highly. Making sure that the text on your pages includes your most important keyword phrases will help the search engine evaluate the content of those pages.
2004 & After
* 2007 -- "web year" ...
* Another important consideration is that of keeping all of your pages within a small number of "clicks" from your top page. Many robots will not follow links more than two or three levels deep.




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2005: webpages generation .05 ... web.02?
All right, call me this name!

We do it in academia -- professor this and professor that.

You know the motto, don't you?


What is the New World Order?

The Web!

Diary of a Webman

a short-story of so-called "webmasters"

... "Testing Your Website For Search Engine Robot Accessibility:
To get an idea just what the search engine robot "sees" on your page, you can look at the Sim Spider tool. You may be surprised at how different your site looks to the robot. ...
You will see text and ALT image text show up in the results. If your entire website is built in Flash, you will see nothing at all because robots don't understand Flash movies."

... What a strange name -- master of (his) web? Any web? The rest -- flies?

Not a spider, somebody else drinks the blood of "victums"?

"Master"? Master - the original of a document or recording [w]...

-- Master (a man having control or authority)

* Master was used in England for men of some rank, especially "free masters" of a trade guild and by any manual worker or servant employee to his employer (his master), but also generally by those lower in status to gentlemen, priests or scholars. In the Elizabethan period it is used between equals, especially to a group ("My masters"), mainly by urban artisans and tradespeople. It was later extended to all respectable men and was the forerunner of Mister, which is derived from it.

* Sensei, a Japanese title used to refer to authority figures.
Gangmaster, a person who provides workers for agricultural purposes.
Master craftsman, a fully qualified artisan or craftsman in a guild, hence old master in painting, and old master print.
Guru, a teacher in Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.
Maestro, a skilled, usually non-academic, instructor, as in Dance Master, Music Master, Fencing Master, Drawing Master, etc.
Master (BDSM), honorific some people use to describe the dominant partner in a relationship.
Slavemaster, a person who manages slaves.
Master-slave (computers), one device controlling the operation of other devices.


The webmasterw (feminine: webmistress), also called the system administrator, the author, or the website administrator, is the person responsible for designing, developing, marketing, or maintaining a website.

Webmasters are practitioners of Web communication. Typically, they are generalists with HTML expertise who manage all aspects of Web operations.

[ ... Well, that was written for many "would be webmasters". Now it became a profession. Anatoly 2007 ]

Of course, this book is for you, would-be-masters of the web! Are you still out there?

KISS: When it comes to search engine robots, think simply. Lots of good content and text, hyperlinks the robots can follow, optimization of your pages, topical links pointing back to your site and a sitemap will help insure the best results when the robots come visiting.

... I hope you understand why I have Lao Tse quotes on my pages about webpages. You need a lot of "zen" mentality, if you are a webmaster!

You have to be as patient as a spider.

Because the Net is all about the speed, you must have the mind of enternity. Forget "Time"! Paradox?


The Net is conservative. The Net is slow. Remember the Y2K? How many those "doc.coms" are gone? With the speed of light.

The ones who survived, got bigger.

If my non-professional and non-comercial experience could be a lesson for you, read on!

Anatoly 2004 [webmaster#2 -- ?]


There is a plenty of technical knowledge about webbing. I want to write about the inner world of a webmaster. The human rudiments in post-humans.

Yes, sonner or later all will become webmasters. It's or history and destiny. Nothing could be done.

Accept it.


[ dummy webmasters ] About Page: Always include an about page on your site.
Don't be afraid to tell your story and let people know who you are and how you arrived where you are.
Opening yourself up and letting people know who you are adds an element of trust. It exposes your personality, capabilities and knowledge. All factors that let your readers know you are genuine.

Include all your contact information: Let your visitors know that you are available.
Encourage questions, email and phone calls. Include your name, address and phone number.
If you can, it's also helpful to place a photo on your site. Familiarity is key and it can add one more link in the ladder of trust.

Headlines: Create compelling headlines. Peak the interest of your readers. This is your chance to grab their attention and incite them to read on.
Don't be flashy or obnoxious. Simply tell it like it is. Capture their attention with descriptive, informative words. Get your readers involved in your information. Ask questions. Make them think.
You might be surprised to learn that just one compelling headline can bring instant sales almost overnight.

Create your meta tags: This is the first place I look when people tell me they aren't getting visitors. I often see sites that have no title or description tag or the tags don't follow the suggested guidelines for proper setup.

Testimonials: Solicit feedback from buyers you've had. Ask them to write a small testimonial that you can place on your site. This goes a long way to help convince your visitor that your products and services are sound.

Linking: Reciprocal linking is a common and effective tactic for obtaining search engine status and page rank but it's also the most time consuming. It requires making contacts, following up with contacts and updating your website.
While reciprocal linking is an excellent way of establishing page rank it's not the only way. Page rank can also be established by submitting your site to directories, writing articles and setting up blogs.
Don't underestimate the power of website links. Take the extra few hours a day and get your site noticed.

... bla-bla-bla...

... [ how to sell yourself ]

Writers? No, "content providers"!


If you do not have a personal webpage, you must be a saint or an idiot.

If you are a webmaster, you know how close are the two. *

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Oedipus05 I am still thinking about WEB-SHOW! Oedipus performed on the web by you, web-actors ("Spectactors")...

Dream on!

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... webmaster is the postmodern profession!

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