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2007 -- ... "web year"

Utopia -- этот проект был я.

"Смысл жизни"? И я отвечал на этот свой детский вопрос полвека. Создавал этот смысл. (Совет властителей дум моего поколения, подзапретных экзистенциалистов). Ну и?

Notes from the Cyber Underground

Интернет был моей последней попыткой. Пиши, и если есть, что сказать, тебя услышат.

И вот много лет спустя.


Время остановилось или просто кончилось.

Смотрю на цифры -- и они остановились. За 2006 год -- упали. (Счетчики на каждой странице). Что случилось, не знаю.

Знаю, что не читают.

Смотрят. И дальше... Случайные, потерянные души. Что-то ищут.

И я свои собственные страницы не читаю, просматриваю.

Что он там писал?

"Читаю" -- советы самому себе, как быть успешным пауком.

О том, что надо знать пауку.

... 'Новая статья "Раскрутка сайта" Этот материал лушче всего описать как FAQ по раскрутке сайта - столь модному среди вебмастеров. Материал поможет избежать элементарных ошибок и расскажет, чему и где учиться дальше...'

Вот они бесплатные советы, перевод с английского. Когда один дурак хочет обмануть другого. Но об этом "Книга Дурака".

"Библиотека Мастера" ("мои деньги.ру") -- охота на пауков...

"Мастер" -- хорошее было слово.


... Стоимость создания простого «сантехнического» сайта сотрудники «Технологий роста» оценивают в 20-30 тысяч рублей. Зато если нужен такой сайт, который будет держаться на первых 2-3 страницах в поисковых рейтингах, он обойдется, по их подсчетам, не менее чем в 70-120 тысяч рублей в год...

... мастера ... монтеры... Теория сетературы в "Сетевой Словесности" ... НЕТература! ... netslova.ru... Кибература... Разломай станок Гутенберга ... "Оргазм в стихах - это по определению ложный оргазм." ...

Конец и этой, электронной, моей жизни, -- и так же, незаметно, в пустоте.

И на что я надеялся?


From Utopia

... read my Diary of A Webman !

... I guess I was of the suckers who thought that web will make me rich and famous. Is it rue?
I do not know.

+ filmplus.org/business

Blog is enough, my w-blog, not W[rite]-BLOG...

Virtual Theatre & Project UTOPIA

From Utopia
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Webman's Diary PS

... the End.

and -- the beginning.

I do not think that I will be working much on my webdirectories. My webpages are to serve the content, and now -- Webshow projects.

I know that I underestimated the work involved into webbing. It's daily job and non-stop. More you work, more work you make for yourself. I do not have my list "things to do" anymore, it became too long.

I do not think that I will working on this directory, or much on other webpages; I plan to do use them. That's what they are for, this is the original purpose of going online.
I am not promoting my sites and should continue to reduce the interactive features. I should remember that I started them for myself....

Summer 2002 (gone)


Hierarchical navigation: typically the primary navigation system of a site.

Global navigation: navigation that spans the site

Local navigation: typically used for subsites. Should complement, not replace, global navigation systems.

Ad Hoc navigation: more editorial than architectural. Generally placed throughout content.

Summer 2003: Did I get the layout right after all?

* They say that the average webpage life expectancy is 46 hours...

Personal Politics Liberty is always unfinished business. --anonymous

underused directories: writing, web and Russian pages.

data (Year Unique Reload Total Growth)

2002 = 50,285 33,786 84,071 n/a
2003 = 133,993 86,874 220,867 +162.71%
2004 = 330,955 272,509 603,464 +173.23%
2005 = 13,935 12,687 26,622 n/a
Estimate = 539,841 491,494 1,031,335 +70.90%


Could be another ~150% growth again? Over 1m/year...

More important that the Reloads are getting near the Uniques: meaning that they stay with the pages. Maybe finally, the returns could be bigger?

Antohins & RAT + Father-Russia -- more in Russian?

Personal Politics -- filmplus.org/politics

Linking Attribute: It is always preferable to have a text link rather then a Graphic/Image link, because in a text link you can use Keywords as the text on which hyperlink is given(anchor text). In effect you can make your anchor tag keyword rich. Anchor tags? text is a very important criterion in search engine ranking matrix.




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You MUST have:

Obtain a domain name such as www.yourname.com or www.yourtitle.com. It should be easy to remember and, more importantly, consistent with you and your work. Also, when you get the website up and running, use the email address yourname@yourname.com. Anything else doesn’t look professional. And for the love of God, don’t use an AOL or Yahoo account.

Let’s face it: people judge books by their covers. In fact, according to Amazon.com, customers are four times as likely to purchase books if they can see the cover art. So be sure to include images all over your site. And, include a few high resolution, downloadable pictures of YOU, as well. Book buyers love putting the author’s face with the book. And this will make it easy for other people to cut and paste those pictures on their sites and promote you, your work and your website.

Payment Options
Make sure your books are available for purchase on Amazon.com. Even though the friendly people at Amazon take a whopping 55% of every book you sell, there IS a credibility issue there. Customers like the idea that your book is available on Amazon. Also, consider having Paypal or a shopping cart as additional payment options. It may seem repetitive, but it does make your books easier to buy.

Related Writings
Most authors write articles, special reports and other publications related to their area of expertise. On your site, make these publications FREE to the public for reading and downloading. Be sure to include a quick byline and reference to your books at the end of each publication. Now, many Internet experts will disagree with this idea. They say "never give anything away for free." I say: give value first, show people your work is incredible and turn them into fans. Then you will keep them around forever.

Community Builders
You need to create community via your website. This is the number one way to accumulate fans. Publish a blog, ezine, a newsletter, message board or link exchange on your site. And make sure people see a link to your "community builder" on every page.

Media Room
This page will include most of your downloadable pictures, biographical information, press releases, media appearances, personal FAQ’s and possible interview questions. The purpose of this page is to make it easy for people from the media to interview you, promote you and write articles or reviews about your work.

Have you ever purchased a book solely based on a review? I know I have. And third party endorsements show — don’t tell — that your work is valuable to the reader. So, try to spread these testimonials throughout the website, or even consider having a whole page of just reviews.

Contact Information
Readers like the idea of emailing, calling or contacting the author personally. Even if you can’t respond to every single inquiry, it’s still important to be accessible. Too many authors are stereotyped as being unapproachable. So, make this contact information visible in the same spot on every single page.

Excerpts from your books and sample chapters are perfect ways to share your writing with people who come to your site. This is an especially effective way to sell books, because after reading a snippet of your work, people will want more. I suggest offering the first chapter or two of your book(s) as a downloadable PDF. And don’t forget to include a short note with a link to the sale page at the end of the sample!

Related Services
Most authors are also speakers, workshop leaders or seminar hosts. This occurs for several reasons. First of all, books don’t pay the bills (unless you’re JK Rowling). Secondly, speaking validates the author’s expertise and promotes his or her books. Thirdly, speaking has the potential to pay significantly more money that writing; especially if your work is well known. So, spend some time organizing your writings into modular speaking programs that offer additional value beyond a book. Then position those speaking services on your site on a page called "Speaking Engagements" or "Public Appearances."

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06.18.09 -- content, nothing else! Everything else is secondary; at least for me. Oh, web2, webmaster, present... a lot of new (mini) pages, but stay with the TEXTS! "Pages" are from the book tradition.

Keep the tech innovations in the background. Hide them. The "invisible" or "service" and " support" pages -- the machine of the web [I still do not know the real difference between WEB and NET].

The match between BOOK and REAL TIME hadn't take place yet. Will be happen? Maybe, never.

What are my webmaster's lessons?

Web-writer and web-director!

And -- web-actor?

Web-semiotics ? [ I have to think about film-web connections ] Colors, shapes, etc.

... two albums -- web2 [above] and semio [bellow]