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Aha, the same problem!


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I am a Slav (Russian). But I am a black as it gets. I came to America on the board of the Boing 747 Slave ship, knowing that in Kingdom of the Liberated Workers, you better sweat. I do it for twenty years. Am I free?

Hell no! I will never be free!

Because the way to be free in this world is to enclave the others. This is not my way. My destiny is to slave.

How much do you know about destiny?

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I try to bring my early pages on web and theatre under one roof of Virtual Theatre

Do I still consider making Webman's Diary into a book? I don't know.


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CyberWorld (CW) is a space of time; nothing exists but the present!




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... this is "dead page" (I have quite a few of them; which only I read).

2007 WEB at film-north (10 years summary of my webbing).


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Because web-space is time! And how mark it?


Looking back?


2006: GOGOT'06
There is something about web I do admire: you work more, you get more. Simple. More hours -- more hits. Even if you are stupid, you read how to be smart -- you follow the free advice... you will be okay. If you are not an idiot, you become rich.

What I mean that is there are rules and they are simple. The protestant laws for a worker. Work more, get more. Work! (I remember it from my Spviet past).

Now, "work smart"! This is Capitalism! Money that are making money without you? Oh, this is something!

... Oh! This is supposed to be a page for my corp. presentation! What do I do? What do I say?

Never mind!

How about some analysis?

Analysis of this page?

[ not much you can learn from the counter by Yahoo -- bottom of the pages, and I don't expect much from many pages; some will never be "popular"... ]

How about the concept? Yes, the "idea" of this very page. "Present"? Present what? When? @001? 2003? It's like with the pages with the title "new" -- the web is the time-based space (cyberspace), everything must be embeded in chronology! So, I was wrong making a page "present.html"! Yes, I was wrong. Don't waste your time on "updates" pages, if you can't update them weekly.

Conclusion? This page will NEVER work! (I can use it only for the purpose of understanding "what not to do").

All right, I have a lot of "support pages" -- the pages which are to serve other (content) pages. This is not one of them. (You have to have many service pages, many mini-pages, if you want to save yourself time and keep the context pages dynamic).

So, what can we learn from our mistakes? (Mistakes are the best teacher, if you are willing to accept your mistakes).

The titles. Once you you give your page a wrong title (never mind the directories' titles) you are doomed. It's pratically impossible to change it later; hard to remember the links to your own page and you are in danger of making dead links to your own pages!

What is a "good" title?

Look, I had to pay for my 2003 web addresses: vtheatre.net and filmstudy.net -- why? The shorter = the better. I still believe that words are better than numbers. Maybe it's me. If would call this page "web.vtheatre.net/1" -- I won't remember what is this page about. And the search engines (which love numbering) wouldn't know too.

Anatoly, could you be specific, please!

I try.

Ah, the "present"!

What does it mean on the Net?

Cyber time is brutal. "Present" means this very second!

How could I explain?

How about another web term "traffic"?

Yes, the traffic study.

Present? Okay. April 14, 2003: the sample -- see cqcounter.


What can I learn from this data (cqcounter you see on my film pages)?

First, the friquency of the Mon. night (4 AM in Alaska) of searches.

[ to be continued ] ... vtheatre.net.blogspot.com [ webman's blog ]

Notes from the Cyber Underground

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Again, "present"? On the web?! It's always PRESENT, and always -- PAST.

When "place" is "time" and "time" is "place" [QM]. Web-philosophy?

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