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So, what is the plot, Anatoly?

If you alredy read my metaphysics nonfiction, you know that I believe that we enter the 3rd Stage, the Resurrection Age, and my personal resurrection is my own responsibity. Yes, my friend, the webpages and this Virtual Theatre are the practical applications of my theories.

Webmaster in me working on Anatoly's immortality. They all working on it: the Artist, the Writer....

They know that I have to die in order to be resurrected. The death is the easy part. I am 51 and I am about to die sooner or later. What is after -- that's another story. Could be nothing, if you do nothing. I better work harder, I better do more!

So, who is this master creating the web of Anatoly's connections with the living world?

It's me.

I tried it the old fashion way; I have four children.

But the webmaster is my child too; I give birth to him in order for him to save me. I created him and he is creating the cyber Anatoly.

It was almost three years ago....

Notes from the Cyber Underground


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The Story and The Plot

I had a website called Stateless (the server went out off business), which I should call Homeless.

I just sold my second American house; as a good American I move every three years. I did it even when I had small children.

I would like to have home. I wish I can return to some place I know. With my books, my painting....

But the price to pay for it is too high. And this is the story of a Webman in a new cyber century.

He has many names and many addresses. He looks like me. I think....

He is single. Like a soul in Heaven. Or hell. No families, marriages, children, relatives. Who is close to you? A stranger!

Hold on! I remember that I hear this strory not only from the religious books! Ah, yes! That is how the Party pictured Communism in USSR! That was the ideology, but they had no technology. Now we got it, the technology of communism -- and we have no need for its ideology (it's inside already). You think that our entrance into "New Age" of communism is different from the Idea of Resurrection? Oh, you have to read my nonfiction, I have to time to talk about metaphysics here, here we talk about Web-space and its creatures.

Web is the communist technology of resurrection, when one becomes many and many become one. Nothing is private anymore, nothing secret (Last Judgement). The world is transparent and reality of it is questinable. (Who do you know that my name is indeed "Anatoly" and this "Anatoly" is a male?)

The story of the Webman's Diary can't be finished, it meant to have an open end. Diary, you know.

But what is the plot of this story, Anatoly?

Personal Theatre Homepage

He is the one with many homes -- and this why I stick with him. I want to have home too.

Let me tell you the story of our relations.

Here is Webman's Diary

Webmasters of the World, Unite! We have nothing to lose but the links!

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