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WEBMASTERS: Linking Attribute -- It is always preferable to have a text link rather then a Graphic/Image link, because in a text link you can use Keywords as the text on which hyperlink is given(anchor text). In effect you can make your anchor tag keyword rich. Anchor tags? text is a very important criterion in search engine ranking matrix.

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Internal linking architecture: dictionary/glossary :

There are three forms that can be assumed while planning the sites internal linking pattern.

Hierarchal -- In this kind of Internal linking all the pages of the website are connected to the home page and home page is individually connected to all the pages of the website, but there is no linking between the pages of the website.

Looping -- In this kind of Internal linking the home page is connected to the primary page and the primary page is connected to the secondary page and this process goes on till the last page and the last page is connected to the home page in this way a loop is formed.

Extensive inter linking -- In this kind of Internal linking each page is connected to each other in the website.

What kind of internal linking is preferable in a certain case, is dependent on the objectives you are trying to achieve in terms of Pagerank optimisation, user navigation ease & site theme.One tip to bear in mind is that internal linking should reinforce the theme. One should not crosslink between the pages on the site which are unrelated by themes. This will dilute the theme intensity & affect the page rankings on SERPs.

[ see web.filmplus.org/dictionary ]

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