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Caligari [ Historical Background ] :

Penny Price is the proprietor of a small, dilapidated penny arcade and an abandoned theatre. Her business began to founder several years ago when her lover died, leaving Penny alone with nothing but a slot machine that projects his moving image for companionship.

The bank threatens to foreclose on her mortgage, but just when all seems lost for Penny and her arcade, the infamous Grand Guignol theatre company comes to town. The Guignol troop, headed by the mysterious Dr. Caligari, offers to buy the empty playhouse from Penny. She gratefully accepts, and all her problems seem to have ended -- for the moment.

The Guignol actors are planning a special one-night engagement, and soon their preparations are the talk of the town. The show opens before a packed house, but the audience does not realize the true nature of the performance until it is too late to escape.

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... the Parisian drama known as the Theatre du Grand Guignol, the 19th-century theatrical tradition out of which the film was born. Specializing in terror, blood and guts, and sexual innuendo, The Grand Guignol was the dirty little secret of Paris, a place where pimps and petty thieves shared benches with the crowned heads of Europe, all seeking terror and titillation.

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