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2007 --
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Time Factor: You have to be around for a while, webmaster. The longer you stay alive, the better (bigger) it gets (like with growing a tree). Nothing could happen "over night" -- only in retrospective it look like that. Fast? You can disappear fast too!

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Many books will be written of the subjet of "traffic"!

Traffic is good for you! If you are a webmaster, of course, not a driver.

There are many ways to measure it, the traffic.

Do you see the new project with my daughter the Ethiopian Cook Book (at the botom)? Do you see the counters of the pages? After a month or two I will have an idea, which page is popular -- that is the page to post important links and announcements on.

What else? How about the poll for the CookBook? Take a look at the Theatre Poll on this page. Do you see the web category? nothing!

What does it say? I hadn't promote it on my pages? Maybe that is because the web matters do not belong to this site. Maybe the pages are not developed?

This is the second stage, when you got the data -- the analysis.

So, I made web directories on all my sites. You have to try things, experiment -- something works, most of the time -- not. Well, you do not need it work all the time. Go with what works and clean up the pages where it doesn't. This is the third phase after the analysis -- redesigning your pages. "Mastering" them. Set the goals, webmaster, the targets. Even the idotic ones are better than none. Say -- I want to double my traffic. In two months. Look, nothing is impossible with the population of six billions!

But do not think that they all come from your front pages, don't kill yourself over it. Many won't even see it. Because they come for different reasons; focus on reworking pages within each directory.


Visitors Back Report displays after how many minutes a unique visitor is back.


3.28.04. What do I have (film pages only)?
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60 seconds 31,901 22.09% 3 minutes 34,275 23.73% 5 minutes 16,404 11.36% 10 minutes 20,774 14.38% 15 minutes 11,218 7.77% 30 minutes 16,607 11.50% 60 minutes 13,261 9.18%


What does it mean?
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The real readers are at the bottom, the ones who stay for an hour. The topt -- the surfers.

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We all hate traffic... unless you are an owner of a store, of course.

Traffic means money.

In America the famous are the rich. The celebrities, the ones who are seen often.

CRITERIA: popularity!


How do you get it, the traffic?

Great pages are bookmarked!

People come back to the place they like....

Make your home into their home!

We come home every day, don't we?

The next question is what to do with the traffic?

Two ways. One is to sell something and make them buy it. Another -- service, let others to buy space on your pages to sell their products (advertising revenue). To have both is the best.

Do you know who come to your site?

Do you know why they come?

Do you even know how many of them do come?

From where?

How long do they stay on your site?

How many of them contact you?

How many recommend your pages?

How often do they return?

What they like and hate about your site?

Yes, everything is recorded on the Internet and you can know more than a non-virtual store owner.


Every sale agent could tell you that the canvasing means nothing without the closing. Less than a half online shoppers finishing their applications. How about those who never got to this stage of the game?


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